MFA Degree in Documentary Cinema

Degree Awarded

MFA in Film and Television, Directing and Production

Total no. of hours required to complete degree: 48 credit hours


Program Goal

This international, English speaking MFA program, held for four terms, offers students a comprehensive education in visual documentary and non-fiction production. Students will gain theoretical grounding, research skills and practical knowledge of all aspects of documentary filmmaking. Students will learn from world-renowned filmmakers and receive personal guidance; practical workshops will provide students with comprehensive skills to produce their own films and television programs.


Target Audience

The program is intended for students with a BA degree, including graduates of TAU and other institutions in Israel, and graduates from other countries interested in specializing in non-fiction filmmaking. Students with proven academic theoretical and practical background in the field, such as a relevant BA degree (Film and Television, or Communication Studies) may apply.


For information on program admissions, requirements and curriculum, see here

For further information, contact the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television office: 03-6406112, or send an Email to the Email address dedicated to this program:

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