The Radical Innovation of The Cinematic Image: Movement and Projection

במפגש הקרוב של סדרת הקולוקוויום המחלקתי, הרצאה מיוחדת וחגיגית מאת אורח בינלאומי

21 בנובמבר 2022, 18:00 
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The Radical Innovation of The Cinematic Image: Movement and Projection

במפגש הקרוב של הקולוקוויום המחלקתי, בית הספר לקולנוע וטלוויזיה על שם סטיב טיש, בשיתוף עם המכון ללימודים מתקדמים, גאים להציג אורח בינלאומי - הפרופ' תום גאנינג (Tom Gunning).


When cinema emerged at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century it was recognized as something new, but what exactly? Was it a technical invention, an improvement of photography, or a new form of entertainment? I want to explore what cinema introduced and to renew our sense of how this innovation changed our conception of the image in ways we now take for granted. I will focus on two aspects: the image that moves and the projected image. Both of these events changed the way the image relates to things like space, time and materiality. Today they are commonplace elements of our daily environment, but have we really recognized their transforming nature?


Tom Gunning is Professor Emeritus of Art History, Cinema and Media Studies, and the College of Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Chicago. He works on problems of film style and interpretation, film history and film culture. His published work (approximately one hundred publications) has concentrated on early cinema as well as on the culture of modernity from which cinema arose. His concept of the "cinema of attractions" has tried to relate the development of cinema to other forces than storytelling, such as new experiences of space and time in modernity, and an emerging modern visual culture. His book D.W. Griffith and the Origins of American Narrative Film traces the ways film style interacted with new economic structures in the early American film industry and with new tasks of story telling. He has written on the Avant-Garde film, both in its European pre-World War I manifestations and the American Avant-Garde film up to the present day. He has also written on genre in Hollywood cinema and on the relation between cinema and technology. The issues of film culture, the historical factors of exhibition and criticism and spectator's experience throughout film history are recurrent themes in his work. (From


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