Form and Performance in Digital Architecture

Edited by Yasha J. Grobman and Eran Neuman
Routledge,  2011

החוקר.ת מאחורי המחקר

פרופ' ערן נוימן דקאן הפקולטה לאמנויות

Table of Contents (PDF)


Today, with the advent of digital media technologies and the ability t conceptualize, express and produce complex forms using digital means, the question of the status of the architectural form is once again under consideration. Indeed, the computer "liberated" architecture from the tyranny of the right angle, and enabled the design and production of non-standard buildings, based on irregular geometry. Yet the questions concerning the method of form expression in contemporary architecture, and its meaning, remain very much open.


Performalism takes up this discussion, defines it and presents changes in form conception in architecture, followed by their repercussions. In the context of the architectural discourse, this book posits that today we can define architectural form and performance as an "ism'.'Supported by a wealth of case studies from some of the top firms across the globe and contributed to by some of the top names in this field, this book critically examines the implications and influences of computer-based design on form as performance.


Highly illustrated throughout, and with a unique emphasis on professional practice, this book is essential reading for all architects, aspiring and practicing.


Yasha J. Grobman is an architect and a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at theTechnion, Israel Institute of Technology. He is principal and co-founder of Axelrod Grobman Architects. He holds a Master of Architecture from the Architectural Association Design Research Laboratory (DRL), and a PhD from theTechnion, Israel Institute ofTechnology. His research and practice focuses on digital architecture and performance-oriented architectural design and manufacturing.


Eran Neuman is an architect and the head of the Azrieli School of Architecture atTel Aviv University. He is co-founder of Open Source Architecture, an international architectural research and design office. His research focuses on the history, theory and philosophy of modern architecture, in particular the influence of science and technology on architecture, digital architecture, architectural representations and design methodologies.



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