The "Defense Lines" exhibition guided tour by the Gallery staff

12 במאי 2019, 11:00 
The Genia Schreiber and Michel Kikoïn Art Gallery at Tel Aviv University 
Guided Tour of the Current Exhibition "Defense Lines"

The "Defense Lines" exhibition guided tour

Guided Tour of the Current Exhibition "Defense Lines" at the Tel-Aviv University Art Gallery By the Gallery Staff


The "Defense Lines" exhibition at the Genia Schreiber and Michel Kikoïn Art Gallery at Tel Aviv University is free and open to the public

At the "Defense Lines: Maginot, Bar-Lev and Beyond” exhibition,the sources, character, and implications of fortification are examined from an historical point of view. It shows how previously impressive fortifications have been destroyed, forgotten, left to the mercies of nature, and, in time, became monuments to failure, like fundamental specimens of human fear.

The exhibit centers on photographs of two famous fortification lines: the French Maginot Line and the Israeli Bar-Lev Line, which are both linked to this day with personal and national traumas. Alongside these photographs are works on the wall between the United States and Mexico, the Great Wall of China, and the Israeli separation fence.


Tickets (at no cost) are at: 

Sunday, May 12th, 11:00am

Monday, May 13th, 11:00am

Wednesday, May 15th, 11:00am

Wednesday, May 15th, 12:00pm     *University Sculpture Tour

Thursday, May 16th, 11:00am

Frieday, May 17th, 11:00am


The exhibition is open till June 16th, 2019


Opening hours: Sun-Wed 11:00am-7:00pm, Thurs 11:00am-9:00pm, Fri 10:00am-2:00pm, Closed on Saturdays.

The entrance to the gallery is through Entin Square, at 64 Hayim Levanon Street, on the corner of Einstein and Tel Aviv

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